2010 Ten major Events in Chinese furniture industry
First, the furniture industry recruitment difficulties
After the Spring Festival from 2010, the domestic furniture industry, mainly manufacturing enterprises, including some of the sales companies, emerging recruitment difficult situation is particularly serious along the Guangdong coast. Industry insiders believe that the furniture industry due to a recruitment difficulties arise: the national preferential agricultural policies to attract migrant workers to return home, low wages, poor working environment, enterprises did not participate in the basic social security.
Second, to the U.S. Lacey Act requires higher demands of China's exports of furniture
April 1, 2010, as amended Lacey Act (Lacey Act) take effect. The bill requires products, wood products including furniture and basic information about some products open to the public, while the trade in illegal timber products defined as a federal crime. Request for a public declaration of overseas timber imports of raw materials used in the exact place of origin. The United States is China's furniture (including wood furniture), the largest exporter, the bill's implementation of enterprise and industry executives, service department of a higher demand.
Third, brand alliances have been established everywhere
Following the Shenzhen Furniture Brand Alliance, the Hong Kong market furniture brand alliance, brand alliances in Guangdong since the founding of furniture, have been established in 2010 and Zhejiang Famous Furniture Union, Beijing, Guangdong furniture brand alliance and brand alliances. The establishment of the alliance-based manufacturer, mainly for the collective face of rental-type shopping centers and raw material suppliers in the market competition, the pressure to the manufacturers. The establishment of these alliances on standardizing the market order of operation, the industry organization's management system put forward new demands.
Fourth, the rise of furniture e-commerce, opening new channels, reduce costs, adapt to new ways of consumption
As the Qumei, Innovation and Xilinmen etc. companies launched the official website and other e-commerce site launched e-commerce on Taobao and some other electronic website. Furniture commerce has started to gradually enter the furniture business to business sales, the furniture business to adapt to new consumption patterns of consumers, competition in the industry respond to the new environment, opening up new channels and reduce sales costs and increase sales of new areas and new means.

Fifth, wood furniture manufacturers of high toxic substances cause serious harm. The state has adopted measures, strict supervision and inspection, a deadline for correction.

For wood furniture manufacturing workplaces, there are many chemical toxins, particularly coating, spray paint and cool aspects of the situation is very serious occupational hazards, July 14, 2010, the State Administration of Production Safety Supervision issued a "to carry out wood furniture manufacturers of high toxic substances harmful governance "which called for production safety supervision organs all over the wood furniture manufacturing enterprises to carry out supervision and inspection of high toxic substances and control hazards to ensure the safety of the production staff and physical health. "Notice" that, after testing, each firm at least 15 kinds of chemical poisons, up to 31 species, higher than the standard, especially stupid, formaldehyde, aniline and toluene diisocyanate ester, 4 more highly toxic substances exceeding serious; stupid enterprises accounted for 89.0% exceeded the maximum exceeded 121.5% times; formaldehyde exceeded the enterprises accounted for 76.9%, exceeding the maximum 116.0 times; aniline enterprises accounted for 70.0% exceeded the maximum exceeded 130.1 times; toluene diisocyanate ester exceeded enterprises accounted for 77.3%, exceeding 3.1 times the maximum. These high toxic substances harmful to human health, through the respiratory tract, skin, etc. into the body, the nervous system, respiratory system, hematopoietic system, causing serious damage, lead poisoning or even death.
Sixth, Furniture and building materials industry made new code of conduct for market operators
September 1, 2010, hundreds of well-known from the country's furniture manufacturing enterprises, shopping malls, dealers and associations in Dungun, Guangdong signed and issued the "China market, furniture, building materials industry code of conduct Convention business." The "convention" to participate in the "Convention" of the Association (the Association) member companies in compliance with national laws and regulations, maintain the industry market operation order, the principles of voluntary, equality, fairness, good faith, and consciously resist the unfair competition, respect for and maintenance of consumers and other businesses, and businessmen were the legitimate rights and interests of moral constraints.
Seventh, Federation of Chinese furniture vendors set up
September 8, 2010 Sales of furniture from around the country set up in Shanghai with representatives of the "Association of Chinese furniture dealer." Federation to safeguard the interests of furniture vendors to increase the vendor the right to speak, to provide services for furniture dealers, furniture dealers to provide the management level, to establish a good order of the furniture industry for the purpose of market competition.
Eighth, change the term of office of China Furniture Association
November 19, 2010 held in Beijing, China Furniture Association, the Fifth Congress, conducted a general work. Zhu Changling, this General Assembly session of the Council elected the new chairman. 84 business leaders, provincial and municipal Furniture Association and associations of the Secretariat staff director was elected vice president.
Ninth, "the furniture industry the term" examined and approved, pending approval of promulgation and implementation of national
"Furniture industry the term" national standards project is the National Standardization Management Committee in November 2009 approved plan (No. 20091836-T-607), the standard item of furniture by the National Standardization Technical Committee, Institute of Nanjing Forestry University, presided over furniture, domestic multi- well-known furniture industry representative involved in the drafting of the joint.
"Furniture industry the term" national standards for the furniture industry within the widely used term, and its technical content, including the Chinese name of terminology, common name, English name, explanation (or emoticons) in four parts, covering the range of furniture terms type, variety of furniture, furniture parts, furniture, materials, wooden furniture processing, metal furniture processing, software, furniture processing, surface finishing and decorative furniture, furniture quality performance of nine parts. The standard criteria as the basis for the furniture industry, the development and implementation, will bring to China's furniture industry's unified and standardized terminology, furniture industry and market the harmonious development of production enterprises and the protection of legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the international furniture industry , domestic trade, business, market management, industry research and teaching, supervision and play an active role in guiding and effective promotion. Standards will be examined and approved the formation of draft for approval, pending approval of the State Standardization Administration promulgated.

Tenth, Blue Bird furniture company listing in Tianjin
December 27, 2010 in Tianjin, Hebei Bluebird Furniture Co., Ltd successfully listed options exchanges. Bluebird Furniture Company set 1000 million initial public offering to raise capital 20 million yuan.
Tianjin Equity Exchange is the region over the counter market, mainly for high-tech, high-growth companies and non-listed shares of companies to provide non-public equity financing, equity trading business. Blue Jays listed as furniture companies Furniture Company in Tianjin options exchanges in the use of capital market operators to provide a new approach and experience

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