Diversification of the printing digital printing become an independent field of printing

According to authoritative statistics, by 2010, digital printing over traditional offset printing, the image in the commercial printing industry dominant position occupied in 2010 and 2015, the share of traditional offset printing market share will drop to 30%, "Digital Printing" will rise to 32%. Can be said that digital printing has broad market prospects and development. In such a broad market prospects, many countries have to be made out of a number of digital printing businesses.
Printing industry in China PIRAInternational strategic advisor NeilFalconer company said: "In the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, had only two operations: the traditional printing and quick printing industry. The past two years, the emergence of new industries, namely, digital printing, This is the only complete digital printing businesses. in Australia and New Zealand, this type of digital printing companies only have about 20%. "

Not only the distant Australia and New Zealand, but also in neighboring South Korea countries, there have been many fully doing digital printing business. This is proved from the fact, digital printing will be possible to become an independent applications. Though there are many digital printing industry will still be implicitly that digital printing is only a supplement to traditional print, but in applications, printing digital printing new business space has been revealed.

Although our country digital printing start late. The current market share accounted for only 5% of the total printing business, but according to the demand of the market the digital printing market potential is very huge. Statistics show that digital printing market in China totaled about 100 billion yuan, accounting for 5% to 7%of the total printing market .Digital printing market in developed countries is much higher than China's total sales. last year, retail sales of U.S. digital printing nearly 48 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to the digital printing market in China for 40 times.

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